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Issues we address

A common misconception is that counselling is for weak. We do see many clients who are business executives, intelligent and well-to-do individuals who are seeking growth and greater awareness of themselves. Or you may feel your issues are not severe and have friends and families to support you. Speaking to a trained professional helps you identify underlying issues early and to work on strategies to prevent issues from becoming severe.

Overworked? Burnt out? Overwhelmed by family responsibilities? ​Worrying constantly? Feelings of panic and inability to function?​​

Having uncontrollable or destructive outbursts?​ Do certain people or events cause you to feel outrage?

Lost a loved one due to illness or perhaps going through a difficult divorce?​

Lost interest in life? Not keen to meet friends or enjoy your hobbies?​

War of words at work or home? Unable to see eye-to-eye and need resolution?​​

Experienced a traumatic event in your life? Unable to move past or cope?

Difficulty in communicating with your child? Is your child struggling with school?

Perhaps you are not sure how to identify your issue(s) or not sure where to begin? ​Call 65 6610 9833 and let’s work together towards your goal

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